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Sonic 1 Final Zone Sonic 1 Final Zone

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Nice Mood - A little story that goes with the song

This sounds like something that would be played during the ending of an epic battle. This is what I imagined while this song was playing...

A little story I made that goes with this song, a somewhat Darker Sonic story (For most parts):

---The Battle to ends all Battles---

In the Death Egg, Sonic wakes up in a critical condition from a terrible shock from Dr. Robotnik's ultimate machine. Sonic looks around, sees his friends: Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Shadow, Silver... Even Metal Sonic wanted to go against Dr. Robotnik. Everyone, even old enemies became a friend of Sonic. Everyone was with Sonic to defeat Dr. Robotnik once and for all. Unfortunately, their attempt to destroy Dr. Robotnik caused the friends to be unconscious and seriously injured. Sonic starts to cry. He looks for Dr. Robotnik. He finds him injured beside a pile of rubble, which was used to be his ultimate machine. Sonic is filled with anger and wants revenge. He crawls towards him, unable to run at his super sonic speed. Robotnik notices Sonic crawling towards him; he, therefore, limped towards his escape pod to make his final escape. Sonic couldn't allow Dr. Robotnik to live, however, Dr. Robotnik is actually traveling faster than Sonic. Sonic's friends wakes up...

Tails,"Sonic... With all our adventures, we've been trying to defeat Dr. Robotnik... It is up to you to end his evilness, once and for all..."

Knuckles,"Sonic, you're a tough guy... You can defeat him!"

Amy,"I love you Sonic."

Rouge,"Give that "batty" a piece of your mind!"

Shadow,"In all our fights... You have proven that you're stronger than I have expected. But I still hate you... Heh."

Silver,"I believe you will triumph..."

Metal Sonic,"Dr. Robotnik... Must fail."

The others also gives Sonic encouraging words. With the support of his friends, he feels much stronger now that he knows his friends believe in him. Sonic starts to run towards the escape pod and jumps on it, destroying it. Dr. Robotnik takes out his laser pistol and points it towards Sonic. But he couldn't aim properly because Sonic was running at full speed, despite his injuries. Dr. Robotnik shoots... Miss. Sonic jumps... And hits Dr. Robotnik. Sonic's friends cheered. It was up to Sonic whether Dr. Robotnik should be killed or released. Sonic made a decision... He decided to spare his life. The Death Egg starts to break. Sonic grabs his friends and Dr. Robotnik and puts them in the X-Tornado. Sonic starts the engine and escapes the Death Egg. They all arrived home safe and sound. The friends were curious why Sonic didn't kill Dr. Robotnik. This is what Sonic said...

"Dr. Robotnik has cause us much pain over the years with his robots and weapons and he used them so that he could kill us and rule the world. He's a real villain. Back in the Death Egg, I was enraged and I wanted to end his life. However, I myself would become a villain if I did anything like that. I didn't want anyone miserable. Should I have killed Dr. Robotnik, his family would be sad and possibly becoming the new villains. I believed that sparing the life of Robotnik was the wisest choice. However, he won't be free, we must make sure he ends his life as a villain and becomes an ally. We shall then have a peaceful world where evil does not exist. That is my wish and the wish of others."


Liked the story? I hope so! It took me awhile to write it! :D Anyway, I only have about 620 characters left that will fit into this post. Keep up the good work and you should continue remixing Sonic songs (Or should I say orchestrating)! Actually, the way you remixed it was very interesting, you gave the song a very dark mood which is quite amazing. Keep up the good work and hopefully I will hear more Sonic remixes in the future! This is possibly one of the best Sonic remixes I've heard! This is the last time I will say it, you should really make more remixes like this (Try another Sonic song! :D), it is very amazing. Thank you for sharing this song, I will definitely listen to again and possibly use this song in my animations!

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Mr-E3000 responds:

Thank you so much for your comment. This is one of the main reason I love to do these remixes.

Dire Dire Docks(Highspeed Mix) Dire Dire Docks(Highspeed Mix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, a real sudden change in mood. :\

Yup, the mood of the song really changed when you went from a hyper energetic theme to the Dire Dire Docks remix. In my opinion, you should have just kept the Dire Dire Docks's remix (Not saying the first part sucked, it was pretty cool actually) or add a smoother transition in between the two parts. But, it was interesting to hear an originally slow song turned into a hyper speeded song. I can just image Mario Characters racing underwater with this song playing in the background. Lol. XD I hope you continue to do video game remixes! :D


Limped responds:

I went through many trials to get exactly what you're talking about and it just wasn't working out. I'm still learning techniques and transitions and whatnot. I eventually just gave up which is bad, I know.

Thank you for your comment and if more inspiration arises, I may just keep doing it.